Creatively Defining and Measuring Success

Workshops and Coaching

On topics including evaluation assessment, program development, accessibility, and community and visitor engagement we work with you to design workshops and coaching services for your teams to share and hone skills and broaden perspectives.

Program Development

We help teams design programming, enhance audience engagement, and be user-focused. We bring expertise with in-person and physical programs as well as virtual and web-based environments, and with a broad range of audience awareness and needs.

Evaluation and Strategy

We work with you to embed evaluative thinking into your work and strategic planning, and assess your organization’s evaluation capacity. We specialize in  visitor-centered programs, audience development, and identifying growth opportunities and research needs.


Listening to our Communities – We need to do more!

(re-post from 5/14/2020) Museums may be closed but the voices of those we serve and hope to serve need to be heard and listened to. I hear many reasons for not doing evaluation currently because of capacity, no need, and not wanting to overwhelm attendees at virtual programming, and instead conducting what I call surface…

Let’s Think Evaluatively

Evaluative thinking is a part of everyone’s human existence and the way our minds work. Interestingly, we often consider this on a personal level as being cautious, looking at the pros and cons, weighing options, and assessing risk, and not as evaluative thinking. But it is! It creeps into our lives in ways we don’t…

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I have always valued the input of evaluators; however, Sheri’s insight in project planning and implementation,combined with her deep knowledge of effective instruments significantly improves the outcomes of a project.  I especially value her ability to thoughtfully communicate with participants throughout the data collection process.
Karen Peterson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The National Girls Collaborative and The Connectory
We cannot recommend Sheri strongly enough. Her support and guidance during all phases of a project have been invaluable. With SJLR Solutions in our corner, we know we can take on just about anything!
Rachael Bohlander, Co-founder of Force Gallery Projects
Sheri transformed our approach to evaluation. Sheri presented the multi-pronged value of evaluation to the team at Intrepid. She then built an internal evaluation team and worked with Museum departments to build awareness and understanding of systematizing institutional evaluation processes and how it would benefit the Museum and our funders. I particularly valued Sheri’s implementation of Museum-wide evidence-based practices to aid our decision making. Data collected and synthesized by Sheri’s team allowed our institution to have positive shifts in funder feedback, staff engagement and grant awards based on Sheri’s expansion of the Museum’s evaluation capacity.
Susan Marenoff-Zausner, President, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum